The Sims 4 [Create A Sim] Alternative Male Sim ツ

~C̲u̲s̲t̲o̲m̲ ̲C̲o̲n̲t̲e̲n̲t̲~
➀FTM Hair Wild Child and Bad Apple:
➁Tattoo Set #2 By Onelama:

TS4 9-10-2014 9-21-02 PM-943dff

This is definitely one of my favorite Sims I’ve created on Create A Sim. This is my overall goal of how I hope to look like one day. [haha (─‿‿─)] But I’m not joking. I’m growing my hair out, dying it green, sticking eyeliner on my face, going back to the all black days and saving my dark under-eye shadow for days I’m filling like spicing myself up.

Pretty much my whole life I was always the one who looked “different” or “emo”. [whatever that means ὺ.ύ] But I enjoy looking different I mean you can’t really look the same as someone unless you’re their twin or it’s matching day at school. Even then the person your matching with decides they want to be “unique” and “make it their own” and not tell you. Then they come to school looking like a fresh brewed peppermint mocha latte and you’re a big fat mcfurry from Mc Donalds … [*cough* not naming names]

I will be moving this Sim into my The Sims 4 series his name is “Kendel Elf”. Want to see more of him please check out my gaming channel on YouTube.


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